About us

Solidity, concreteness and professionalism in the investigative and security sector

The availability of information is a key factor for companies to be able to make the best strategic decisions in a competitive market or simply to assist management decisions.

The search for evidence is then essential for an out-of-court litigation context or for the management and resolution of many lawsuits in civil , criminal and labor fields.

It is also extremely important for companies to prepare all the necessary defense strategies against attacks on the security of their human, material and cognitive patrimonies.

Ulisse Society L.A. Srl  was founded by a Carabinieri officer, on leave after serving in a special unit and has its registered office in Milan and operates in Italy and abroad to offer its customers protection, and the providence of evidence and information.

The founder’s and director’s curriculum also includes a degree in Business Economics, awarded with honors at the Bocconi University of Milan, a post-graduate Master in “Strategy and Security” and university teachings in the field of Security and Economic Intelligence.

The organization makes use of collaborators, experts and technicians who have worked in police and intelligence forces or who have studied and gained many years of experience in specific fields.

It is part of a network of important companies, present in all geographical areas of the world including countries at risk.



With the necessary licenses,  the tasks are carried out  in full compliance with the privacy law and all Italian laws, using the latest technological innovations.

The Director and collaborators of the ULISSE Srl company treat customer information and data with absolute Confidentiality, a characteristic that represents their mental approach.


Information and investigations to learn as well as to make a decision about,  and to protect your company from internal and external threats.

Insurance companies

Anti-fraud investigations in Italy and abroad for every branch type as well as any type of damage.

Law firms

Expert reports and investigations to support civil and criminal cases.


Investigations for your safety and that of your family members.